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The Science Behind the Perfect Cheese Sauce

Explore thousands of top-rated recipes on GeniusKitchen. Up Next: I found this recipe on the back of a box of elbows and adapted it to suit us both. Sign up. Recipes Elbow Macaroni. Macaroni and Fontina Cheese 5 recipe photos. Hungry for more? Now Watching: Directions Butter 2 quart casserole dish. Cook macaroni, drain, rinse under cold water, and drain again. Add macaroni to casserole dish. Stir in flour and salt, stirring constantly.

Slowly add milk stirring constantly to blend. Remove from heat. Mix together gently, and pour into casserole dish, and mix with macaroni.

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  5. 5 Cheese Mac & Cheese - Garnish & Glaze.

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BA’s Best Macaroni and Cheese Recipe | Bon Appetit

Close Attach Photo Would you like to attach a photo to your submission? Named after a region in France and literally eaten by kings , soft-ripened Brie is buttery, runny, and creamy like you wouldn't believe. Its flavor ranges from mild to extremely nutty and tangy, depending on what you get your hands on at the store.

This creamy wonder is the right way to go if you're looking to make mac and cheese that's sure to impress. Luxurious and decadent, this rich cheese promises to instantly take your humble mac to the next level. The sharper, more complex flavors of aged cheddar team up well with salty Parmesan. This combo is amazing in grilled cheese sandwiches — and the same goes for mac and cheese. Italian Parmesan's slightly fruity, subtly nutty notes and grittier texture pair beautifully with the smoother, creamier mouth feel of cheddar.

Make this mac and cheese. Your stomach will thank you. Whether it's used as the star attraction, or to complement other cheeses, nothing puts a "what is that flavor? Goat cheese called "chevre" when it's from France , comes in many varieties and can range from a creamy tanginess to a crumbly grassiness that is beloved by cheese lovers across the globe. Try melting it into a classic stovetop cheese sauce for a macaroni and cheese that can go straight to your plate or into the oven for a bronzed crunch.

Complex Gruyere adds mature flair

Hailed for its unique versatility as both a table cheese and a cooking cheese, fontina is a crowd-pleasing, melty cheese that will work beautifully in many macaroni and cheese recipes. Fontina is a cow's milk cheese that has been crafted in Italy since but is also widely available in both Swedish and Danish styles which are recognizable by their red wax wrapping.

Skip the pricier varieties that are more suitable for serving on a cheese board, and instead opt for a mid-priced fontina that is ideal for cooking. With a flavor that balances earthiness with a buttery mouthfeel, fontina is a cheese you'll definitely be reaching for again. Havarti and cream havarti are cheeses that, like fontina, are also prized for their versatility as a slicing cheese and a cooking cheese. This semi-soft cow's milk cheese was developed in the 19th century in Denmark and can often be found blended with herbs and spices like dill, caraway, or even jalapeno peppers.

Aged for three months, havarti's flavor can range from mild to strong and is often seen on dessert cheese plates. Its buttery meltiness makes havarti a welcome addition to a delicious homemade macaroni and cheese.

The best cheeses to use in your homemade mac & cheese

A true American invention, recipes for cream cheese filled American cookbooks and newspapers as far back as the s. In , an upstate New York dairy factory that was manufacturing the lighter French variety of cheese known as Neufchatel , decided to shake things up a bit by adding cream to the cow's milk cheese recipe.

The rest is history. Though many store-bought brands contain gums and stabilizers to preserve the stability of the fresh cream cheese, purely crafted artisan brands are available in specialty markets that will send you straight to cream cheese heaven. The USDA mandates that cream cheese be at least 33 percent fat, making it a fantastically creamy choice for your mac and cheese. Try blending its creaminess with a cheese of a bolder flavor for delicious results.

Recipe Source: Adapted from Food Network. Fannie Farmers Mac n Cheese has always been my go to recipe but I saw your recipe and had to try it! It did not disappoint! My husband and I loved it! It has become our new favorite Mac n Cheese! Thank you for posting!

Classic sharp cheddar: always a crowdpleaser

It is wonderful! The consistency of my mac and cheese was too dry. I would prefer a creamier sauce. Tasty, but I was a bit disappointed. Laynie, Sorry to hear you were a bit disappointed with it. Next time add more milk to your sauce to make it runnier. Or maybe try making more sauce or using less pasta so then you have a higher sauce to pasta ration. Recipe Rating. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.