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if it is possible to install mac os lion on Pentium 4 with 2gb Pentiums were never supported in OS X and ICH9 boards were very.

Open the Downloads page and double-click on Silverlight. For Safari, the Downloads page is in the upper right corner of the browser. For Firefox, the Downloads page is a separate window located in the Dock. For Chrome, the Downloads page is under the Window drop-down in the upper left corner of your browser. Right-click or hold Control on your keyboard and select Silverlight. Select Open on the prompt that says Silverlight. Are you sure you want to open it?

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Hi Rachel, It may be a problem with the way Chrome connects to the net and fetches pages. Try going into settings in the top right corner of Chrome, click on Settings, then click Show Advanced Settings at the bottom of the page. Close Chrome, restart and see if it works. I tried it. All it did was make the loading of any pages very slow and Netflix. Go to your WiFi in the menu bar, select Open Network Preferences, click Advanced and try adjusting some of the settings.

Try removing and re-adding your WiFi network for example and also try connecting with an Ethernet cable to your router. I have the exact same issue. I am not able to open Netflix on any browser. My other devices are able to connect with it. Netflix works on my Mac on different networks. My ISP restarted the network from their side but still Netflix will not load. Everything else works fine. Have you tried all of the steps in the post above plus the advice given in the comments? If so, what version of Mac OS X are you using? Youtube et al work perfectly fine. Have you got any ad-blocking add-ons installed on your browsers?

If so, try disabling them. You need to delete your PlayReady folder in your Microsoft folder.

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Go to Finder the smiley icon on the far left corner of your Dock , click Go in the Menu at the top of your screen, hold down the Alt key and click on the Library option which appears. Restart your browser and it should work. Hey there! I have tried running the DRM Test after reinstalling everything plug-ins are enabled in Firefox, and Safari, and pop-ups are not blocked, and I have no other software or plug ins that block things and the DRM Test will not play on either browser. I keep getting error N there is a problem playing DRM content on my machine.

I am at a breaking point! What should I do? Are you sure you are looking in the right folder i. If you are, try creating a blank folder called PlayReady and let us know if it works. I deleted all silverlight plug in files you listed. I used Apple Cleaner to do it. I also uninstalled Firefox and reinstalled and then installed Silverlight and still not working for Netflix streaming. Restarted browser, closed out browsers etc. I restarted my computer and then I was able to empty the trash.

Hi Wendy, Sorry for the long delay but I missed this comment. You are running them directly from the DMG files that you originally downloaded which is like running them from their own separate mini hard drive. I run mac os I cannot run chrome or firefox on my os because they no longer have browsers supported by my os. Any ideas on what to do? Try using Netflix in that instead.

Hi Heath, Thanks for sharing your solution. Still not playing on Netflix.

Using Netflix on your Mac computer

Hi Phee, Close your browser, uninstall Silverlight and then make sure that the following files are definitely deleted:. You know, none of theses suggestions worked, and I was unable to use netflix at all until recently. Check out this tutorial:. The real trick was to delete the Playready folders in the Library in both my user folder, and the general HD. Netflix worked.

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Hopes this helps someone!!! I was at my wits end!

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  7. Videos run on Netflix fine, but with very quiet audio even with both internal speakers and Silverlight controls turned up to max. Softer dialogue is almost inaudible. Quit all open browsers — including this window! You may want to print the following steps.

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    Click the Finder icon in your Dock. In the menu bar at the top of the screen, select Go. Hold down the Option key on your keyboard and select Library. If Library is not listed, select Home and open the Library folder. Open the Application Support folder. Open the Microsoft folder. Open the Silverlight folder.

    Drag the is folder to the Trash. Open a web browser and play your movie or TV show again. AudioHijack Pro is one of the best tools for this. Firefox, Safari, and Chrome. On all of them i get a black screen that says i need to turn off private browsing which i have done and it still will not work. I followed all the steps above and still no luck.

    Please help.

    Using Netflix on your Mac computer

    Very helpful! The Silverlight plug-in was disabled and I would not have otherwise known how to enable it. Thank you. All I had to do was activate Silverlight as you lined out. When I try to go to the microsoft webpage to download silverlight it just says no data received. In fact no microsoft pages will open. Can you please help me? Thank you! It sounds like something is configured badly with your internet connection.

    My machine has 2GB of Ram but continues to freeze after about 30 min of watching a movie. I have cannot find the issue and i am considering buying another machine maybe back to PC. Do i not have enough Ram becuase i would think 2GB would suffice. Mike, Try changing browsers first and see if it helps. First sign is the video starts to look like its going into slow motion then the video and audio become out of sync, within seconds it becomes unwatchable. I was convinced it was a corrupt file either in the OS or Silverlight but you would think after doing a full format and reinstall that would have fixed it.

    Root Library: Then reinstall Silverlight and it should work properly on your Mac. I was having the same problem until yesterday. After unchecking the check box, I restarted Safari. The problem went away. I hope this helps somebody out there because it has been very frustrating for me. Hello, I am in the middle of trying to install it and it asks for a password to allow it. Thank You. Tara, I presume your Mac is asking you for your Mac admin password which you would have created when you first setup your Mac.

    Penny, If you are using OS X But if you are using OS X Shutdown your Mac. You should see a black screen with white writing. A list of authorised users on the Mac will appear. Hit Enter. Restart your Mac normally and use the new password to login. My netflix was working fine on my computer this morning and now I am having the error. I am using Chrome and OS X I completely uninstalled Silverlight and emptied the Trash numerous times but I continue to get the error.

    I used both AppCleaner and digging into the library to ensure there was no trace of Silverlight. Then reopen it and log back into Netflix. Netflix should now be working in Chrome on your Mac. Madeline, What exactly are you afraid will give your Mac a virus? It worked great until a few days ago when Silverlight kept crashing for Chrome Version Any other ideas would be appreciated.

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    Then clear the Cache, History and Temp files by going to the settings bar in the top right corner of Chrome. Close Chrome, then re-open it and log back into Netflix and it should work. You could try rolling back to a backup of your Mac when everything was working fine.

    Here is what I found on macbook pro Once I took the back off, the problem was obvious. Netflix automatically detects your Internet speed and streams its videos in the best quality your bandwidth and browser can handle. On modern Mac computers, Safari supports the best resolution: This includes any Mac computer produced in or later, as well as some models, provided you have upgraded to the free Yosemite operating system. For high-definition video, you need a high-speed Internet connection with download speeds of at least 5 megabits per second.

    Chrome supports HD video up to p with an Internet connection of 5 megabits per second or faster. Netflix will prompt you to download the Microsoft Silverlight plugin when you first try to play a video. For anyone who loves Mozilla Firefox, unless you want to try using Safari or Chrome for your Netflix sessions, you need to install Microsoft Silverlight. According to PCWorld, Netflix uses these extensions to download a closed-source plugin that restricts subscribers from recording content. Although Mozilla has plans to release a modified version of these extensions, in their current form they violate Mozilla's policies on digital rights management, or DRM.