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if it is possible to install mac os lion on Pentium 4 with 2gb Pentiums were never supported in OS X and ICH9 boards were very.

Another aspect to consider for wireless devices is batteries. If the battery on your mouse is running out then you can not only have shorter reception range but the device may regularly go into sleep mode or even shut off altogether. If this happens, the mouse may pause on the screen, so try replacing the batteries or charging your mouse if you have one with a recharging dock.

Troubleshooting jumpy mouse cursors in OS X

For any mouse system, use only one input device. The pointer in OS X will sum the input it gets from any pointing device, so if you are using one device and inadvertently touch another device, then the cursor may migrate around the screen in unexpected ways. One area where this has happened is when people have several Bluetooth travel mice that they have left on. In some cases if a mouse is in a drawer and the sensor is barely picking up a surface underneath it, if your computer is in range of the mouse it will pick up the mouse's attempts to track and move the cursor accordingly.

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Another more common dual-pointer setup is for systems that have both Apple's magic trackpad and a mouse laptops as well as desktops that have the Bluetooth version of the trackpad. To overcome problems with dual inputs, you will have to locate and remove them from the system. Check your Bluetooth settings to see if you have any actively paired pointing devices, and also check to see if any are physically plugged into the system.

You can do this with the System Preferences, or you can check both the USB and Bluetooth sections in Apple's "System Profiler" utility to see what devices are attached to your system. The last way to test for mouse problems is to get a new one. If you have tried everything to stop odd behavior with your current devices and you cannot get it to stop, try using another mouse.

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Borrow one from a friend to see if the problems persist, and if not then just replacing your old mouse may be an easier and hassle-free option. Have a fix? Post them below or e-mail us!

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Drag the "Tracking" slider with the mouse to change how the cursor moves across the screen. Look at the sensor on the bottom of the mouse. If you see dirt or dust, spray it with compressed air to clean it. Click the "Bluetooth" icon at the top of the screen, and click on "Disconnect" for every device but your mouse to see if the problem is signal-related.

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Mac Screen Problem: Flickering, Weird Colors, Glitches & Bars/Lines (27-Inch iMac late 2013)

Tip If these steps do not work, you should contact Apple technical support. Different versions of the OS may behave differently.