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Python has two versions actively used, Python 2. Python 2.

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Regarding the materials available to learn about Data Science and Machine Learning you need the ability to switch between those Python versions, and that is precisely what I want to cover in this blog post. For this article, I will use my environment as an example. I am running a macOS High Sierra As an add-on, in this article, I will use a specific solution to setup an environment to run Python using Fish Shell.

It is possible that before needing a different version of python you choose to update your Python version. If you use HomeBrew to install Python, you could uninstall running the following command. Anaconda Inc is the creator of the Anaconda Distribution that includes hundreds of popular data science and machine learning packages and the Conda package manager.

How to Install Updated Python 3.6.x on Mac

If this is your case follow the next steps to remove that installation. Don't worry, nothing is going to break at least not for now, I hope: To be able to switch quickly between different versions of Python, we will use Pyenv.

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Pyenv requires some extra instructions after installed that are documented for bash and sadly bash scripting is not compatible with Fish. Enjoy this tip?

Setuptools, Pip, etc.

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Performed the brew install to 3. Symlink that is not changing? How would I edit or change that? How do I delete my earlier python 3.

How to Install Updated Python x on Mac

Installed as you say — 3. Result — terminal shows that 2. Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. How to Install Updated Python 3.

How to install and uninstall PYTHON on MAC

Enter your email address below: Posted by: Elwood Downey says: June 13, at 5: Paul says: If you wish, you are invited to install the most recent version of Python 3 from the Python website https: You should never modify or delete these, as they are Apple-controlled and are used by Apple- or third-party software. Remember that if you choose to install a newer Python version from python. IDLE includes a help menu that allows you to access Python documentation. If you are completely new to Python you should start reading the tutorial introduction in that document.

If you are familiar with Python on other Unix platforms you should read the section on running Python scripts from the Unix shell.

Running Multiple Python Versions in Mac OSX

If you want to run Python scripts from the Terminal window command line or from the Finder you first need an editor to create your script. Mac OS X comes with a number of standard Unix command line editors, vim and emacs among them. Other editors include Gvim http: Use pythonw instead of python to start such scripts. With Python 3. A good introduction to using IDLE can be found at http: Information on PyObjC is available from https: An Aqua-native version of Tk is bundled with OS X by Apple, and the latest version can be downloaded and installed from https: Packages and documentation are available from https: More information can be found at https: